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How to add devices to a new site

This article will show you how to add IPerCom devices to your new site configuration, starting with call modules (entry panels) and then monitors.


Before following the step-by-step breakdown below you should have the Installer Tool loaded in front of you and open on the Topology tab.


Step 1:

First, click the Devices tab and you’ll be taken to a new screen with the option to Add new device at the bottom. Click on Add new device to show a list of available devices.

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Step 2:

You'll see in this example, we have selected a Call Module device after clicking on Calling Stations. This will take you straight to the device settings which you need to complete using your IPerCom Call Module Commissioning sheets. Then, fill in the Name and MAC Address, clicking OK once completed.

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Step 3:

Now modify your device settings by clicking the Edit button until you arrive back at the Edit Device window. At this point you should scroll down to Door Name and Door Time(s), filling in both fields, clicking OK once you’re done.

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Step 4:

Simply click on Ground Floor, opening a column up under Floor 01, then click on Apartment 1 and after that click Add new device. Finally, we’re going to click on the top device, our Max monitor, taking you to the device settings.

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Step 5:


Now, you just need to fill in the Name of the device (e.g., Apartment 1) and the MAC Address, using your IPerCom Max Monitor Commissioning sheet.

 Click OK once you’re done and you'll be returned to the Topology tab where the Max monitor will now appear under Devices.

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Step 6:

Once you’ve completed all of the previous steps for the rest of your devices, you can save your project. Simply click Project, then Save and after that you can finally click Exit.

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Simply repeat steps 1-5 for any additional devices and don't forget to save as you go.