How to change screen setting on a Max Lite touchscreen monitor

To change screen settings: 

  • Turn on the screen, if off, by tapping it at any point or by pressing the centre button on the 1717/4x Video Door Phone. 
  • If your current page is not the video door phone page, tap the icon  to access the Top Page and then the icon  for the video door phone.
  • Tap the icon  at the top right to go to the video door phone general configurations page:

Tap the writing Video. A window opens listing the various screen parameters (the current value is shown to the right of each parameter):

  • Screen Brightness
  • Idle Timeout, i.e. the idle time delay after which the screen will go off.
  • Default Video Mode For Calls, i.e. the screen format (16:9 or 4:3) for incoming video door phone calls. The video format can be changed, temporarily, even during a call via the the icon

  • Tap the parameter that you wish to change. A pop-up window opens where you can change the current parameter via a slider control or select a new setting from a given list.
  • Select the required parameter or tap the icon at the top right to close the window without making any changes.