How to change the audio volume on a Max Lite touchscreen monitor

To change the audio volume:

  • Turn on the screen, if off, by tapping it at any point or by pressing the centre button on the 1717/4x Video Door Phone. 
  • If your current page is not the video door phone page, tap the icon  to access the Top Page and then the icon  for the video door phone.
  • Tap the icon  at the top right to go to the video door phone general configurations page:
  • Tap the writing Audio. A window opens with the items "Ringtone Volume" and "Audio Volume". 
  • Tap Ringtone Volume to change the volume of ring tones, Audio Volume to change the volume of your speakers. At the right end on the same lines, the current volume setting is shown. 
  • A pop-up window opens and a ring tone or background noise is played at the currently set volume. 
  • Change the volume with the special slider; the same sound is played again at the new volume setting.
  • Tap the icon at the top right to close the window.