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How to connect the monitors by 'Daisy Chain' in a 2Voice system

Instead of using 1083/55 Distributors, it is possible to 'daisy chain' monitors in a 2Voice system.

This type of connection can be beneficial where 2Voice is being used to replace an existing system, and changing the installed cable is not possible.

A daisy chain configuration can also be used inside one apartment for example, where a number monitors will be called together.

The maximum number of monitors that can be connected in a daisy chain is 32 -

Inside each monitor, except the last in the chain, it is necessary to fit 1 x 1750/50 'In/Out' connector -

Note from the above that only one pair from a Cat5 cable is used throughout.

Do not 'double up' on any connections, and do not use any spare pairs or cores for anything else.

Also note that the 'LINE' connections are not polarised. They can be connected either way around.

The diagram shown below is not a daisy chain as there is no true in/out connection.

This type of cabling is not suitable for 2Voice video systems but can be used for 2Voice audio only systems -