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How to define a new site layout

This article will outline the process for defining a site layout when you create a new site using the IPerCom Installer Tool, showing you how to add and name stairs, floors and apartments to your new site.


First, take note of a few things before following the step-by-step breakdown.

  1. This process is done in stages and can be modified as required. However, if the site is completely built, it is easier to then assign devices to an apartment already created.
  2. There is no rule to say that the whole site needs to be created in a single session. All or additional blocks, stairs, floors, and apartments can be added as required later.
  3. The PC does not need to be connected to the site to be defined. It can all be done offline, then uploaded to your devices at a later time once complete.



Step 1:

Click the Topology tab and you'l see that in the NAVIGATION panel one Stair and one Floor have automatically been created. By clicking the Settings tab and then the name of the stair (Stair 0101) it is possible to change the Name of the stair (riser) if required.


HubSpot Video


Step 2:

Click Stair 0101 to rename it, then simply rename it as shown below before clicking on OK to apply this change. You can do the same for the floor name by clicking Floor 010101, then enter the actual name of the floor and click OK. In this example, we have renamed it Ground Floor.

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Step 3:

Click on Add New Apartment(s) and add the number of apartments required for that floor; in this case there is already 1 apartment set up so the total apartments will be 4 in this case. Now press OK, then simply click on the Apartment Names to amend them like so…

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Step 4:

Here you need to click Stair 01, then at the bottom of the NAVIGATION column simply click Add New Floor(s). In this example, we are adding 2 additional floors - Press OK once you've entered the amount. To rename multiple floors, simply click on Stair 01 to see the remaining floors and repeat the process like we have done below.

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Please note, you can repeat this process for the full site structure and enter the number of apartments and floors according to your site specification.