How to enable or disable the Panic icon on a Max Lite touchscreen monitor

To enable or disable the Panic icon:

  • Turn on the screen, if off, by tapping it at any point or by pressing the centre button on the 1717/4x Video Door Phone . 
  • If your current page is not the video door phone page, tap the icon  to access the Top Page and then the icon  for the video door phone.
  • Tap the icon  at the top right to go to the video door phone general configurations page:
  • Tap the writing Panic Alarm (the current setting shown on the right). A pop-up window opens where you can choose whether to enable or disable the Panic Alarm
  • Select the required setting or tap the icon at the top right to close the window without making any changes.

WARNING! The panic alarm function requires that:

  • the video door phone system has a switchboard;
  • the system has been properly set up;
  • there is a switchboard operator on duty; 
  • the switchboard operator has been properly trained on what to do in the event that a panic alarm is received.