How to prepare before installing a new IPerCom system


In this article, we outline the 3 steps you should take before setting up your IPerCom Door Entry System using the IPerCom Installer Tool software.


Step 1:
Connect the USB flash drive supplied with the IPerCom Installation Pack to your PC or laptop, and print off commissioning sheets for both your entry panel and apartment monitors.
Step 2:
Peel the MAC address/QR code stickers from the devices as they are being installed, and stick them onto the commissioning sheets. Then fill in all the information for each device in the boxes provided on the commissioning sheets.
Step 3:
Finally, browse to the folder named IPerCom tools. Open the document titled "IPerUpgrade tool user guide". Follow this guide to update the system devices to the latest firmware. 

Please note, you do not need to know all of the fields on the commissioning sheets as part of the basic set up and programming of your IPerCom system. However, you may need to when programming advanced features (e.g., switchboard set up).