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How to replace an IPerCom device

This article will outline the process of changing an IP device on an existing IPerCom site.


This process is the same for any IP device, including:

  • Call Modules
  • Relay Modules
  • 2Voice Gateways
  • Switchboards


It is mandatory that all devices are at the same firmware, connecting a device which is not at the same firmware as the rest of the system may cause the whole site to crash.


In the step-by-step breakdown below, we have shown how to replace an existing monitor with a new one.


Step 1:

First, as I don’t have a site configuration I will need to select New and enter a site name.

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Step 2:

Click on Connect, enter the Urmet Password to connect to the site. If you cannot connect, check your IP address is in the same range as the IPerCom network.

Please note, the default Urmet Password used is always 1937.

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Step 3:

Next, click on Configuration then click on From System. This will now import a copy of the system configuration from one of the site devices to your laptop.

Please note, we have shown you how to the extract the configuration from the site in the event that you do not have a back-up of the site beforehand.

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Step 4:

You can now Edit the site. Click on Edit and enter the installer password.

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Step 5:

Navigate to the device to that you're changing like so...

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Step 6:

Then click Edit and you will see the old MAC address. Change this to the New MAC address.

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Step 7:

Since the change has been completed, you will now need to send this configuration to the other devices on the site. Click on Project then Save and Exit.

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Step 8:

You will now see the Configuration is not aligned. Click on Apply changes, this will now send the new configuration file to the site devices.

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