IPerCom System Terminology

This article covers some of the frequently used terms that you may come across when setting up or maintaining an IPerCom system.


Call Modules (Digital Entry Panels) These are the Entry Panels which residents and visitors use to call an individual apartment.
Monitors These are the apartment monitors, from 5’’ to 10’’ IP  video monitors with the option of IP audio if required.
IPerCom IPerUpgrade Tool This is the tool which is used to upgrade the Firmware  on all IPerCom devices.
IPerCom Installer Tool   This is the tool which is used to configure the IPerCom  system.
Topology This is the layout of the system in terms of Site, Blocks, Stairs (or risers), Floors and Apartments.
Competence This is a device’s visibility in the system, in other words, what that device can call or be called by.