LTE Internet does not stay connected 1083/83 - 1083/783

To make sure that the router turns on the LTE (Internet connection) after a reboot/power cycle, you need to follow the procedure below: -

(Please be aware that Urmet can not tell you what your password is to gain access to the router once changed from default)

Default IP address:

Default password:       admin


Turn OFF the LTE


Then click ‘Settings’


Click ‘Connection Mode’



Select ‘Automatic’ & there is a tick box that you will need to select as per below


Click ‘Apply’

The following screen will appear


Navigate back to the router home page and turn on LTE


A pop up will appear to warn you regarding roaming charges, Click ‘Yes’


The following screen will appear while the router is connecting to the LTE network


You have now finished this configuration


Navigate through advanced settings and take a backup of the router.