Upgrading IPerCom devices using the IPerUpgrade Tool

Use the step-by-step breakdown below to learn how to upgrade your IPerCom devices to achieve a version match.


Step 1:

After opening the IPerUpgrade Tool, click on New and enter your site name under File Name and click Save

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Step 2:

Click on Select network interface and choose the network card which is connected to the IPerCom network. Next, click on Find Devices (a green bar will appear next to this as the IPerUpgrade Tool begins to find available devices). 

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Step 3:

Now, click on Devices to reveal the list of devices which have been found. Check the IP addresses are in the same range as the local IP address, then click on Commands

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Step 4:

From here, click Open and Browse Local Disk to locate the update file, which will have an extension of .MUP. Click on the MUP file which will subsequently be verified (allow 20-30 seconds). 

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Step 5:

Close the Upgrade File Details window once its finished uploading, it should say Imported. Now click on the Devices drop-down again, selecting the devices you wish to upgrade, or you can choose to select all

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Step 6:

Finally, click on the Commands drop-down and click on Update Devices. After, simply click Yes and head back to the Devices drop-down, where you’ll see the progress bar for all your devices slowly start to turn green. 

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Please note, the latest firmware will have been supplied on a USB key in the Installation Pack, or you can also download it directly here IPerCom IPerUpgrade Tool