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How to create a new IPerCom site

This article will guide you through the 7-step process of creating a new IPerCom site using the IPerCom Installer Tool for the first time.

Before creating a new site, you should use the following link to view our article How to install the Installer Tool Software and select the version of the site you want to work on.


Step 1:

Start by clicking on New and enter a name for your new site (i.e., what is the site called?).

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Step 2:

Now you want to create a configuration file on the local site by clicking the Configuration tab, then press Create to open the next screen like so...

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Step 3:

Here we'll show you how to name your site under Project Name, where you should also create an Installer Password and set the Time Zone

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Step 4:

Now you need to select the system type and press OK, then you’ll be taken to the Topology tab which will show the current system layout. As you can see in the example provided, 1 stair and 1 floor has been added automatically (Floor010101).

If you're unsure on what each system type means, check out the following article using the link provided What are the 4 different System Types?


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Step 5:

Next, you’ll need to click the Project button near the top of your screen and then click on the Site. Just make sure you fill in all the fields under Site before continuing.

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Step 6:

At this point you should take a moment to save your project. Within the Project tab, simply click Save on the left-hand side.

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Step 7:

Finally, head into the settings under the Site tab where you need to update three of the system parameters (Time Zone, Addressing Type, Network Settings) at this point. Then, after making the required changes to the three system parameters, click Apply

Use the link to the following article to learn more about these Basic System Parameters if you're unsure about any of them Installer Tool Basic System Parameters

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